St. Lot’s Cave, Byzantine Church

St. Lot’s Cave, Byzantine Church


The site of Lot's Cave, located near the summit of the mountain overlooking the town of Ghawr as-Safi from the northeastern side, is one of the most important religious and historical sites in the Kingdom. This tour includes a visit to the cave, climbing up the stone steps accompanied by a local guide, where you will learn about the church with its tiled floors, mosaics, and plant and animal drawings that tell the story of the life of Saint Lot. In the same location, you can also see a cistern that was used to collect rainwater near the cave, and at the end of the tour you will enjoy the panoramic view of the Dead Sea and have the opportunity to take beautiful souvenir photos.


You can book individually or as a group

Duration of experience: 2 Hours

Price : 5 JOD 

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